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The business was founded in 2019 with the vision of supporting sales professionals across the Salesforce eco-system in becoming more efficient by streamlining processes, helping remove risks and to ultimately provide a platform for revenue growth.  While we have made tremendous progress over the past few years, many of the problems we tackled from a product prospective are still unsolved. At every stage we put our hearts and soles into the business for our customers. We would like to thank everyone that supported us on this journey, customers, partners, friends, family and the employees.

Trigerz will cease services on 30th July 2021.

Ash Makwana CEO – Founder.

Stay on top of Revenue Generating Tasks!

Trigerz Salesforce Task Lists

Manage Leads, Opportunities & Accounts at the right time.

Why chase Sales reps? Increase Sales Performance by helping teams stay on top of key actives that drive the greatest results. Encouraging them to be more proactive within their accounts, opportunities and leads.

1, 2, 3 clicks and get stuff done!

You Have Reports & Dashboards, But is it Enough?

When users don’t follow the process or enter information correctly into the CRM this impacts reporting and overall sales performance.

Keep it simple is our mantra for success.

Identify leading indicators & repeat success.

Remove the ambiguity on what drives sales results with each behaviour being assign a score, this provides clear visibility in where improvements are required or where the business can repeat success.

Sales team’s want to hit target so let’s help them.

Plug and Play.

We pre-load best practice notifications into the app when you download it from the AppExchange, so you can get started straight away! 

If you need us, just ask!

It's easy, try for yourself

First 5 users are on us!

Why Change?

For Sales

Performance increases come from removing risks on every opportunity, from up selling and cross selling, increasing the avg order value, improving win rates or reducing the sales cycle with a defined sales process.

Trigerz keeps sales team notified on the next best action within your records!

Enabling the sales teams to have clear direction and focus on key revenue generating task allows them to execute against their goals.

Trigerz helps priorities tasks and actions in order of importance so no more chasing.

This requires, following the right sales process along with ensuring that entrance and exit criteria are met. 

At each stage your reps can be notified if a deal is stuck, at risk or just not an opportunity at all.

Finding the time to train and to make sure it stick is difficult at the best of times, especially as you on board new hires or when managing under performance.

With each behavior linked to Chatter you can push out training support and content at each stage of a sales reps journey, helping them to learn in the moment.

For Sales Operations

Chasing sales reps to update SF is not productive, this takes up allot of time and energy. It is also frustrating when the task is simple and it just doesn’t get done!

With Chatter and Tasks list the teams have clear action lists on what needs to be done and how.

Most sales reps don’t like data entry and this creates a number of challenges when reporting.  

Connecting the action to results helps sales reps see the value in the task for it to be done. We use gamifications and training tips to connect the action to real value.

When the tasks is easier to do, it gets done!

Sales teams want to achieve maximum results with the least amount of energy.

Sales enablement is about making each task and action easy to do.

Trigerz cuts admin times down by almost 45% so reps spend more time selling.

Sales operation require sales reps to follow a clear defined process, from manage opportunities, updating forecasting or to maintain data integrity within the CRM, in order for the business to have a clear view on the business performance.

With task directly within the Home screen each rep knows exactly what needs to be done and how.

If you have a specific user case we would love to here from you! 

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