Cognism & Trigerz Partnership
Cognism & Trigerz Salesforce Partnership

Cognism & Trigerz Partnership

Cognism and Trigerz are Excited to Announce a Collaborative Partnership Maximising Performance for B2B Sales and Marketing Teams Natively in Salesforce

Today, Cognism and Trigerz announce a partnership that will maximise performance for B2B sales and marketing functions through the provision of accurate, real-time contact and insight data, combined with alerts to your teams on the ideal behaviours to follow to achieve optimal results.

Introduction to Cognism:

  • Cognism for Salesforce is a native app which is available for download on the Salesforce AppExchange.
  • Cognism provides B2B sales and marketing teams with access to an AI-powered global data asset of 400 million B2B profiles. Our patented Revenue AI engine updates data in real-time to ensure accuracy and compliance. Our solutions are proven to reduce the times that B2B organisations spend prospecting and inputting data into Salesforce.
  • We also track all profiles using sales triggers, including job joins and company funding, which are proven to increase conversion rates.
  • Finally, we are able to help surface new business opportunities out of your existing data through our refreshing and enriching capabilities.

Introduction to Trigerz:

  • 100% Native to the Salesforce instance and available for download from the Salesforce AppExchange.
  • Trigerz are notifications created by an event, scenario or action. These can then be pushed out to your teams as insights to drive the correct behaviour whether you are calling, managing opportunities or prioritising tasks.
  • We reduce the time spent by management teams, ensuring the right behaviours are being followed through our simple dashboard views, allowing for time to be spent on coaching and driving growth.
  • Gamification of targets to drive productivity and motivation.

State of the market:

According to a report released by Forbes in 2018, 64.8% of a sales rep’s time was spent on ‘non-revenue generating activities.’ According to the author Ken Krogue of the way to get sales reps back to selling is through ensuring your CRM operates seamlessly with sales technology tools, with ‘Prospecting tools (rated)… the most valuable.’


It is also recognised by the Sales Executive Council that a 5% performance increase in middle ground sales reps yields over 70% more revenue. Therefore, providing triggers with the right behaviours to follow to increase performance will drive revenue and productivity.

What this means for our customers:

  • This partnership will turn Salesforce from a simple CRM to an end-to-end powerhouse for lead generation, performance management, and gamification. This will ensure sales and marketing teams are provided with the all the tools to ensure they are engaging with the right people, directly at the optimal time and in the right way.

Statement from James Isilay CEO of Cognism and Ash Makwana CEO of Trigerz

This is a fantastic partnership for our customers. I personally see this as a step forward in enabling all sales teams large and small with clear customer data and intelligence along with utilising Salesforce to improve CRM adoption, drive process efficiencies to help sales teams achieve sales objectives. The ultimate vision is to support sales teams to achieve the best possible results.


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