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Features Include

Achieving Targets

Notifications and Chatter messages keeps your reps focused on the priority task that drive results for them and the business.

Increasing productivity

Tasks and actions are pushed out to users encouraging them to be more proactive within their accounts, opportunities and leads.

Creating Sales Cadence

Clear processes and outcome can be built within Salesforce by creating a goal with actions for users to follow.

Coaching & Developing

Each Triger is assigned a negative or positive score, providing mangers with a 360 view of which behaviours are being adopted.

Motivating & Rewarding

Dashboard, Leader boards, User Profile and Chatter helps keeps reps on top of their goals along with celebrate their success through group communications.

Sales Forecasting

Trigerz keeps the reps on top of their opportunities by pushing notifications that are aligned to your sale process and sales stages to create accurate forecasting.

Reporting & Analytics

All processes and the Trigerz assigned to these can be reported on using Salesforce reports already in your CRM. 

Managing Sales Performance

Trending reports and KPI reports can be created to help mitigate risk within performance, each report can also be used for 121 reviews.

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