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As long as you have a Salesforce Licence you can down load directly from the AppExchange: 


Simply choose if you would like to use the app in a sandbox or production environment.

Pick the teams you would like the app visible for, this can always be changed and you also have the options to customize the views if you did not want to use all the features available.

70 best practice Trigerz are included, enabling you to get started from the moment the app is installed. If you don’t see a particular Triger, don’t worry we will help create it!

This is easy once we show you or when you build your first one.

Now you are good to go!

Each Trigerz is allocated a positive or negative score, this allows you to track each behavior in Salesforce. 

These reports can help you replicate success from your top performers.

At this stage Salesforce should be working on Auto Pilot. 

Automated tasks, chatter messages and alerts are now informing the user on how to improve sales productivity or helping them close more opportunities.

The notifications are also celebrating wins, providing coaching and sharing best practice.

Notification That Drive Actions

  • Manage sales stages for accurate forecasting
  • Build sale cadences for teams to easily follow up
  • Drive process and data integrity

Create notification and task lists to help teams drive best practice or focus on activities that drive the highest results. Sales people tend to focus on tasks and activities they feel most comfortable with. Customize these easily to raise the bar each time the team begin to perform.

Trigerz Salesforce Task Lists
Sales Coaching,

Salesforce Chatter Just Became Intuitive

  • Actions for reps to follow up
  • Celebrate success with target achievements
  • Provide automated coaching on opportunities

Celebrate success on sales milestones or drive behaviors to improve sales stage management,  highlighting risks within opportunities to driving activity. Chatter is a powerful tool to allow user to celebrate success together or to help guided learning in any step of the process.

360 Activity Visibility

  • Understand activities that lead to results
  • No more searching around for email threads
  • Identify risk in accounts, opportunities and contacts

Clear view of all activities from account level down to the contact. Monitor renewals, QBRs, Meetings for your 121’s, this panel helps visualize how opportunities are progressing in a simple timeline view.

Trigers Salesforce Activity
Salesforce, Health Status, Record

Record Health Status

  • Drive record behaviors that improve visibility
  • Improve data integrity
  • Highlight records at risk with RAG status

Data integrity is the heart of all accurate reporting, set the rules on what matters most. Helping teams keep records clean along with focusing their attention on what can help close opportunities faster or reduce account churn.

Trending Reports on Behaviors and Activities

  • Understand behaviors that drive results
  • Add gamification on behaviors
  • Remove ambiguity in training

Everyone has reports to track against targets but now monitor each behaviors in Salesforce to help understand training requirements and to replicating success within the team. Each Trigerz has a negative or positive score to help drive healthy competitions.

Sales Reporting

Reporting On Behaviors in Salesforce

  • Repeat success within teams
  • Remove ambiguity on training requirements
  • Find 5% performance increase to drive 70% more revenue

Removing the ambiguity on what drives sales performance, with each behaviors being assign a score this provides clear visibility in where improvements are required or where the business can repeat success.

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