How to increase sales performance in Salesforce.
Increase Sales Performance in Salesforce

How to increase sales performance in Salesforce.

How to increase sales performance in Salesforce.

Most Salespeople focus on activities they enjoy the most or the accounts they like to speak with, leaving leads or contacts that require a difficult conversation or further qualification to the end of the day. In some cases these can be pushed out for days or weeks, leaving a potential opportunities to decay.

Make it easy for reps to understand which task to focus on along with the priorities.

Follow a structured to stay on top of leads, contacts, accounts and opportunities in a timely manner.

Create a level of accountability to allow the sales rep to work their accounts like it was there own business.

Learn how to prioritize tasks based on what will yield the best outcome.

Provide clear visibility in target accounts and opportunities, so the reps can create a clear account plan to drive the best results.

Align targets and commission plans so there is no ambiguity on what the objectives are for the teams.

Provide clear reporting that allows the teams to track against KPI’s (Key performance indicators) and targets, in many cases teams have to many reports and they feel like rabbits in headlights.

  1. Define the teams objectives and vision
  2. Set clear targets
  3. Create a plan to achieve the goals
  4. Align commission and incentives
  5. Remove any obstacles that stop this from happening
  6. Deliver a clear go to market plan to the team
  7. Track and report against key metrics and targets
  8. Coach and support the team to identify training areas and remove challenges
  9. Prioritise time on training and coaching to yield the best results.

Unfortunately the above information may be held in multiple locations, Excel spreadsheet,  HR Systems, powerpoint slides, shared drives or in a CRM. For many salespeople keeping things simple is the key to there success, ideally if a business could implement everything a Salesperson required within Salesforce as a one stop shop for all there resources this would provide clear visibility on the strength, weakness, opportunities or even threats in the business.

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