Increase Sales Productivity and Spend More Time Selling

Increase Sales Productivity and Spend More Time Selling

You may not wish to hear this, but the odds are, that your salespeople are not using their time as productively, and effectively, as they could be, and the reason for that, could be your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. According to recent research, only 36% of a salesperson’s time is spent selling products. Surprisingly, 24% of their time is spent working with data, and your CRM system, which includes 9% on external spreadsheets, trying to track information, and manage tasks, that the CRM platform is not capable of.


Think about this; if you managed to take this inefficiency out of your CRM system, you could improve the productivity of your team by 10%. This statistic means, that if you employ 100 salespeople, you would effectively add ten employees’ worth of capacity to your business, without actually having to hire any more people. As your organisation grows, this level of efficiency stays with the team and only gets better as time goes on.


Getting ad-hoc spreadsheets out of your selling process, also makes it much easier to pull data to reveal what is happening. Data that doesn’t live in your CRM platform can be a nightmare to track and report on. In many cases, you will find that reporting and tracking methods start to diverge in different parts of your team. One of the ways to avoid this is to use a system like Trigerz, to automatically inform your sales team of what they need to be doing. This application allows teams to focus on selling and lets your system take care of the organisation. You will undoubtedly get a much clearer idea of how each employee is performing, through your Salesforce reporting tools, as each person will be working to the same system, and identically tracking key metrics. Adopting Trigerz could make a huge difference in the way your team works and sells.

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