Motivating & Coaching Sales Teams

Motivating to learn.

Managing time and identify areas to coach the team is not always easy. Coaching live in the moment with guided learning helps.

Dashboards & Reports are not helping.

You probably have dashboard and reports but are they diving into the success behaviours. Keep it simple in Salesforce with clear next steps.

Sales teams under performing.

The effects of low moral or not training the team can lead to targets not being achieved over time or even people churn.

How can Trigerz help?

Trigerz helps sales reps understand which actions lead to results, it provides clear tasks lists to drive processes along with notifications in Chatter to support your training content at the right time! 

Notification That Drive Learning

  • Priorities actions in Salesforce for on boarding
  • Build sale cadences for teams to easily follow up
  • Mitigate performance risks

Design on-boarding programs to performance reviews, Trigerz scales as your sales team begin to improve performance, sales acumen and managing Salesforce. Customise notifications easily to raise the bar each time the team begin to perform.

Trigerz Salesforce Task Lists

Salesforce Chatter Just Became Intuitive

  • Actions for reps to follow up
  • Celebrate success and share win stories
  • Provide automated coaching on opportunities

Celebrate success on wins to replicate success and highlight risks to prompt actions. Chatter is a powerful tool when you add a coaching framework behind it so users can quickly understand how to review deals or remove risks. 

Sales Coaching,

Reporting On Behaviours in Salesforce

  • Repeat success within teams
  • Remove ambiguity on training requirements
  • Find 5% performance increase to drive 70% more revenue

Removing the ambiguity on what drives sales performance, with each behaviours being assign a score this provides clear visibility in where improvements are required or where the business can repeat success.

Trending Reports on Behaviours and Activities

  • Understand behaviours that drive results
  • Add gamification on behaviours
  • Remove ambiguity in training

Everyone has reports to track against targets but now monitor each behaviours in Salesforce to help understand training requirements and to replicating success within the team. Each Trigerz has a negative or positive score to help drive healthy competitions.  

Sales Reporting

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