Motivating Sales Teams to Increase Sales Performance

Motivating Sales Teams to Increase Sales Performance

Motivating Sales Teams to Increase Sales Performance

For many organizations, the sale of product or service is the heartbeat of the business, and the achievements of the sales department determines which direction a company takes from investments, acquisitions, product/services developments to recruitment.

This is also one of the key reasons why there is so much pressure for a sales department to perform, but on the flip side it is also the reason why so many salespeople are rewarded much more than most other departments.

A salesperson lives and dies by their sword!

Now, from a salesperson perspective, it is not always easy to make a sale or to hit targets. There are many reasons behind this some which fall under the company’s leadership and some that fall with the salespersons motivation to learn, work smart or they might just be the wrong cultural fit.  The majority of salespeople would lose focus or energy to try more than the usual because it’s all about staying focused and energetic regardless of the challenges that a salesperson would face. Constant obstacles or not being able to meet the targets would automatically decrease their morale and they will stop performing the way they wish too.

In order to stay motivated, a leader, coach or mentor need to understand a sales rep psychologically. What is it that they want from you or expect from you? Is it Money? Recognition? Rewards? Or do they find comfort in helping others? These are surely the key elements to help a rep perform more efficiently but you need to understand that every sales rep will respond differently to each element because that entirely depends upon their own motivational style.

Types of Motivational Styles

So, in order to get familiar with their motivational style, we need to understand that there are 3 types of motivational styles.

  • Intrinsically
  • Extrinsically
  • Altruistically

Now, the challenge is to determine how each rep is motivated. Once you do that, you won’t have to think of creative ways to motivate your sales reps.

What are intrinsically motivated salespeople?

People who are intrinsically motivated, they would look for personal reward rather than external ones like money. They are driven by their internal desires for purpose, leaning, growth, and are fed through acknowledgement and praise.

How can you motivate an intrinsically motivated sales rep?

  1. Once your sales rep has reached his target, you should recognize their accomplishments and efforts through a public announcement or maybe you can just give them a shout-out during the meetings to make them feel that they are an asset to the company.
  2. Post their rankings and sales number on the boards or someplace where the rest of the team can see it and acknowledge it.

What are extrinsically motivated salespeople?

People who are extrinsically motivated are driven by the passion of earning more money than they are already earning. They get motivated after closing an opportunity and then visualizing how they will earn more money.

How do you motivate an extrinsically motivated sales rep?

  1. Since it’s obvious that extrinsically motivated people are satisfied by earning more money, you need to place your strategies accordingly. For instance, you could make attractive compensation plans for them which would give them a higher reward depending on their work performance.
  2. During the meetings or coaching classes, encourage them by depicting an example of a closed deal which would open the opportunities to get higher rewards. Ask them on what they would spend their money on after achieving the targets that has been given to them.

What are altruistically motivated salespeople?

People who are altruistically motivated are the nicest and most sensitive people. You would be amazed to know that they are not in it for the money or praise, they would find peace in helping others and supporting them. Finding ways which would benefit the people around them so that they can sleep peacefully at night thinking about how somebody had a good day because of them.

How do you motivate altruistically motivated sales rep?

  1. You need to allow them to care for their clients and let them go above and beyond but that must be within the defined boundaries.
  2. Ask them to share the stories of success about how you can retain a client and let them give their suggestions in the meetings when there’s an on-going problem.
  3. As you know these are sensitive people, you need to listen to them carefully and give them their space before you tell them what went wrong.

Now it’s time to implement and get results!

Now that we understand the motivational factors of our teams the next steps are to allow them to execute against their targets the steps to achieving this are as follow:

  1. Set clear objectives that allow you to manage, coach and reward each of your team.
  2. Remove any ambiguity or barriers in preventing the team to be successful
  3. Allow the team to work as a team to achieve results encourage collaborate, friendly competition and most importantly and environment to celebrate.

The CRM plays a vital role in most organizations from handling customers data to the processing of orders and providing reporting on the overall performance of the business. For a salesperson they want to spend the least amount of time entering data they don’t understand or don’t see the direct impact from.

As a head of Sales or Operations we need to think about providing sales teams with the shortest path to success that also connect with motivational behaviours mention above.

A happy, focused, motivated sales team is surely better than a team that feels like rabbits in headlights!

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