Rephrase & Trigerz Partnership
Rephrase & Trigerz Partnership

Rephrase & Trigerz Partnership

Rephrase & Trigerz Partnership

Partnership Announcement

Rephrase and Trigerz are delighted to announce a partnership that will provide Trigerz users with a direct link to a London based Salesforce consultancy who specialises in process and productivity improvement.

This partnership will provide customers:

  • Build more efficient business processes.
  • Maximise return on investment in Trigerz.
  • Drive user adoption of
  • What this means for customers:
    • This partnership will help our customers to design and implement processes within Salesforce to help increase the effectiveness and adoption within the CRM. As a customer our objective is to help your business grow and scale for future success.
  • Introduction to both services:

Rephrase is a London based Salesforce consultancy specialising in process improvement and low code solutions in order to help companies operate more efficiently and by doing so, boosting productivity and ultimately revenue.

Trigerz for Salesforce is a 100% Salesforce Native application that helps your sales teams stay on top of their revenue generating tasks by driving the right behaviours, so managers and executives can focus on coaching and executing against strategy. Trigerz are notifications created by an event, scenario or action. These can then be pushed out to your teams as insights to drive the correct behaviour whether you are calling, managing opportunities or prioritising tasks. For more information on Trigez, please visit:


If you would like to hear more or would like a data audit feel free to contact: or

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