Aligning Sales and Operations as RevOps
Aligning Sales and Operations into RevOps

Aligning Sales and Operations as RevOps

Aligning Sales and Operations as RevOps

Would it be wrong to compare sales operations teams to a Fit bit or an Apple watch? Wearable devices are becoming more intrinsic in our daily lives and how we monitor our personal health status. In the same way, sales and operations teams are responsible to ensure the sales force is moving in the right direction to achieve the desired business revenue goals.  Like the heartbeat of the business.


Sales and operations leaders often find themselves in complicated situations where they find difficulties in achieving their targets. Their job duties are always tough in nature and include many activities and procedures that run the sales teams smoothly to deliver results simultaneously. 

In order to provide the company with positive return on investment, sales and operations teams need to figure out their daunting challenges and then work together in resolving them adequately. Most organisations need a little help in figuring out, what is the key to make things easier for sales and operations leaders; their comfort and ease only can guarantee a streamlined flow of sales and enhanced revenue for an organisation. 


We believe that addressing the problems and challenges is always a better choice than ignoring such situations and continuing to work in silo. This blog serves as an easy guide for sales and operations leaders who face regular challenges in their roles. It is not an easy job, but a few tips can always do wonders for many. 


What are the challenges faced by sales and operational teams?


Let’s have a look at what kinds of challenges are faced by managers working in sales and operations. 

Accurate forecasting is one of the most challenging and important aspects of sales and operations role. The job requires interacting with different departments like finance, sales, marketing and operations.


Sales representatives have a critical job in any organisation; they convert the leads into purchases and increase order values. Operations include many duties, from reporting and analytics to dealing with the salespersons to delivering efficiency. It’s challenging for them to keep a sustainable work process while the sales tactics and methodologies are constantly evolving due to market conditions or competition.  


Another challenge faced by the sales and operational leaders is working along the day to day objectives while focusing on the further development and the planning at the same time. Regardless of business progress, the business leaders in this role require greater visibility to repeatable revenue along with a health growth curve.


As each team (sales & operations) tackle such challenges and problems via tactical initiatives, this sometimes can result in poor decisions leading to poor outcomes causing disturbance to the work environment and sales targets of an organisation. 


What are the common goals of sales and operational teams?


Challenges emerge when sales and operations teams are struggling to achieve their goals. So, what are their primary goals in the first place? 


Sales teams continually work to ensure that the business is regularly growing via retention of existing customers and the acquisition of new. Whereas, operational leaders are committed to reporting accuracy, creating process, increasing forecasting accuracy and efficient application enablement. Both are commitment in fine tuning their respected business unites to increase revenue for the business.


The common goals of sales and operations leaders also include incorporating sales execution, protection of existing revenue, scaling revenue operations, training and development, enabling team efficiency, Capturing of accurate data via a CRM, identifying risks, streaming processes, ramping up teams and providing dedicated support to all sales functions.


5 Useful Tips to Ensure a Results-Driven Partnership

To be able to tackle such challenges and to ensure a goal-oriented partnership, the following 5 tips can prove to be helpful. Have a look!


  1. Integration of CRM with other tools.

Since the sales department operates as the front line for the business in the eyes of the customer there is a need to assure that the sales tools are aligned with the other business applications. The vision to crease a single source of truth in key data metrics.


  1. Understanding the responsibilities

Defining clear goals that is aligned between the two departments is important, along with the tasks associated to their roles. Then ensuring these both roll up to the corporate objectives, helps remove any ambiguity on the goal or the execution of it.


  1. Integration of Technology

Needless to say, the efficient use of technology in fast-paced environments is more important than it was ever before. Leaders must analyse what tools and software can be used to enhance and/or automate functions and tasks to ease the workload burden on sales reps, so administration is minimised. 


  1. Sales Forecasting

The future is now. Salespeople can now forecast their sales with many tools available for this certain use. Such forecasts help you with setting realistic targets, devise practical strategies and work on your plans if they fail. Implementing this is not always straightforward, having a clearly defined sales process with exit or entrance criteria helps alight probability and age to deals. Just remember it’s everyone role to improve forecasting.


  1. Working in cohesion

Both sales and operations teams need to work in cohesion from the phase of coming up with strategies to collectively executing the plans in the pursuit of achieving revenue targets.  Breaking down silo’s can be challenging depending on personalities and ego’s in the room. Just remember your goals are the same so finding a common route will make the journey to success that much sweeter!



There can be a lot of challenges faced by sales and operations teams in an organisation and the only way to overcome them is to formulate strategies as one these can bring both the teams on the same page. Once the partnership starts to work, businesses will see a definite increase in their revenue and enhanced team productivity. 

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