Aligning sales data that everyone understands

Aligning sales data that everyone understands

Aligning sales data that everyone understands.

When you’re running a sales team, it’s critical that you have access to full and useful data points which allows sales leaders and the sales team to make decisions. As a starting point it’s important to have a common understanding of what the data means.

Here are some useful tips to help you take control of your sales data and to improve decisions.

Agree on What Terms Mean

What is a qualified lead? What are the stages within sales process and what do they mean? What are the leading indicators for success? If you haven’t defined and written down the answers to these questions or other terms, then the odds are, that all your team members are creating their own version, which creates inaccuracy in your data points. There is a chance that the sales team will develop their own internal definitions that are disconnected from the leadership team (or even other salespeople). This also applies to win/loss analyses, average order values, age between sales stage and forecasting.

Be sure to encourage the right behaviours

If you target your sales team on the wrong things, then you’re going to have issues managing their behaviours. This could mean that you’re better off avoiding short term, quick fix targets that could undermine the integrity of your sales process in the long term. In most cases the users at the front line will revert to the shortest route to success when it comes to entering data into a CRM or following a process. Focus on a handful of key data points that add value to the users as well as drive informed decisions for the business. Get the foundations right first!

Enter Information into the system as soon as possible

Encourage teams to add data as part of their natural process. If your team is waiting until the end of the week or month to put data into your CRM, then chances are, that some of it is going to be wrong or just not enough of the right detail. This is a natural result of the human memory’s frailties, but it isn’t doing your sales process any favours. Sales leaders can’t make informed decisions and other members of your sales team don’t have a full view of what’s going on in your sales process.

Finding the current data points that drive the desired outcomes is not always easy. Trigerz offers a FREE sales health check, allowing you to see which behaviours within your teams are helping the business achieve the outcomes intended. Once you have the report you can course correct or do more of what is working.


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