The Power of Data in Selling

The Power of Data in Selling

Martin Zeman - 'Bringing certainty and accountability into Sales'

In many companies Sales is a black box. Companies feed leads in and get orders out but they often don’t have enough visibility into what’s happening inside.

All the time revenue and profit are high everyone is happy and confident. But as market dynamics change (new or stronger competitors, technological advances, Brexit, …) hitting targets become more and more difficult.

What worked in the past is no longer working. Business leaders struggle to pinpoint the underlying problems and as they don’t know what the root cause is they can’t solve it and uncertainty creeps in.

In this talk Martin will share how companies can utilise their data to increase clarity and certainty. Specifically how to use data to:

1) Identify the actual problems and opportunities in the business, and

2) Drive accountability within the sales organisation

We live in uncertain times, take advantage of data and science of sales to increase certainty in your business. More certainty and clarity will help you grow your business and give you control over it.

About Martin:

Martin Zeman is a management consultant who assists Managing Directors grow their sales and profits by utilising the power of data.

He has previously worked at Marks and Spencer where he initiated and led a transformation of the way M&S uses their data. Currently, Martin focuses primarily on growing sales of Private Equity backed SMEs that are committed to grow fast.

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New CDN – The Scientific Art Of Selling

Organiser of ‘The Power of Data in Selling’

The ‘New’ CDN – The Scientific Art of Selling is a combination of successful people, process and data, using practical, common sense and well proven methodologies to bring best practice to all aspects of selling.

Over a series of speaking/networking events we will show you how the Science of Selling (mostly about process and data) adds real value to the practical process of Selling and Client Management (mostly about people).  Both are crucial to successful selling and why all involved need to understand and commit to the part which they need to play.     

CDN was set up by Mike Driver a number of years ago.  Now reformed the ‘New CDN’ focuses on Selling. Participants can share ideas, ask for help and learn new ways and best practice of generating new busines and looking after existing accounts. 

Mike has a sales background as well and for many years his company, LogiCRM, has worked with many large and small companies in different industries enabling them to get far more value from their data and CRM related technology



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